Backsplash Installation Connecticut

Give a smart makeover to your home.

Backsplash Installation Connecticut

Connecticut Backsplash Tiles Installation Services

At the Backsplash Shop, we help you buy and install residential backsplash tiles in Connecticut. Be it a small home or lavish house, we have a great selection of modern backsplash tiles to choose from.

All you need to do is visit our tile store in CT. Shop for backsplash tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, or other rooms. Lift the beauty and value of your home. Make the right choice of backsplash in Connecticut and enjoy complete peace of mind.


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Why Backsplash?

An Aesthetic Addition 

Backsplashes are beautiful. Available in different colors, styles, and designs. Introduce the necessary changes in your home.

Easy to Clean and Maintain 

Backsplashes are engineered to resist water, spills, and other food ingredients. All you need is a paper towel and water to wipe away stains.

Resistance to Water Damage 

Walls are prone to water damage, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Backsplash acts as a layer of protection against water damage.

Increase the Property Value 

Backsplashes increase the value of your kitchen and bathroom. Expect the resale value of the property to rise.

Freedom from Pests 

Backsplash installation removes the gap between the wall and thus the risk of pest infiltration reduces. No pests in the kitchen and better hygiene.

Easy Installation 

Backsplash is installed at the back of the sink or stove. A relatively quick and easy thing to do. The residential tiles installation stays for long. 

How to Install Backsplash

We prepare the drywall for backsplash installation by applying a thin-set mortar.
We cut the tiles into proportionate sizes for the wall.
We smoothen the rough edges using sandpaper.
We press the tiles into the wall. The process repeats until the wall is fully covered.
The gap between the tiles is filled with grout.
We then use a wet cloth to clean the uneven grout.
Let the wall dry for 24 hrs or more.


We are leading experts in backsplash installation
Meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail
Outstanding customer service
We work DIRECTLY with tile suppliers to bring the best price and quality material
We’re the only company that offers 3D rendering of your project, for better visualization
We Guarantee our work 100%


About Us

The Backsplash Installation History

The Backsplash Shop is a local company located in CT with over 15yrs experience in all aspects of Backsplash installation.
Our commitment to absolute customer satisfaction is as strong as our dedication to quality craftsmanship. Each of our backsplash tile installation is handled with our customer’s best interests in mind.

An Aesthetic Addition 

Backsplashes are beautiful. Available in different colors, styles, and designs. Introduce the necessary changes in your home.

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